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Purchase A Card

Keeping Dollars Circulating in the Communities that need it most!

The Sankofa Card was designed as a win-win-win product.  Businesses receive advertising and recognition, community based org. and school receive much needed funds and consumers gain a valuable tool that in the right hands will empower and enable us to reinvest where it matters most.

  • Support for your local community
  • Support minority owned businesses
  • Support youth focused organizations
  • save money while doing your part!


How the card works for the public:

For a $10 donation,purchaser will have access to discounts from over 12 local, minority owned businesses, ranging from restaurants to book stores and the card is valid for 12 full months! Quick access to the Sankofa Community Card website will give purchasers a list of all the participating businesses and the discounts they carry. Businesses are being added regularly so as each is added, the value of the card continues to grow!


Additional information

Community Org./School

Use a Promo code to direct donation to a particular community Partner: Tamu S. Kanyama Prep High School Code: TSKPREP Children of the Most High Private School Code COTHM Imhotep Academy Code: Imhotep African Community Centers for Unity and Self Determination Code: ACCUSD